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news on tuesday canadian prime minister stephen harper has forced the drug to treat its decision to comics crimea from ukraine may encourage other countries to arm themselves to the team. he is the first leader from the g seven nations to visit here since former president viktor yanukovich was ousted in a meeting with acting ukrainian prime minister often he gets in you he said that russia's actions will be felt far beyond borders the ukraine and even the european continent itself. the remarks came two days before an image of c g seven meeting to discuss the crisis in crimea
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a joint news conference gets a new contended that the kremlin backed invasion on to my seat and tied with the new kid a gnome prefer ration system. his remarks relate to an international treaty in force since nineteen seventy which aims to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and achieve disarmament ukraine abandoned its peak in the hostel in nineteen ninety four in exchange for territorial assurances from several countries including russia as you. thousands of people attended the protest in the dutch capital of amsterdam once at stake against racist remarks by a right wing mp do it told a crowd that he would make sure that with the moroccans in the netherlands in future get to milk this led to him and to welcome john at a rally on thursday when he asked supports has now made whether they wanted to get americans in the sixty he received a positive response to which he retorts it will take care of that builders policy that freedom has been leading in opinion polls ahead of
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the new parliament reductions in ninety his posse is expected to make gains in my eyes off of the european right wing school forces . i knew the routine use of june more. the deal of moral much racket. the consequences of these actions will be felt far beyond the borders of ukraine. or even the european continent itself. we talked about this prime minister let me remind you that in nineteen ninety four my country it abandoned by its three wheel. the nuclear weapon. my country. violating international law. file in
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the elite in multilateral and bilateral deals. and they're showing items in my name the entire global nuclear nonproliferation says. and we i believe that real serious orthodox church considered one of world's oldest christian groups has delayed a state seat ignatius up a fast passed away while undergoing treatment for a long standing illness in the jenin hospital. his remains are we taking the lead in and let it be transferred by land to syria christians in syria has suffered since the outbreak of civil war three years ago while president bashar al assad was in full control of syrian christian cannot be protected in sectarian attacks by hardline islamist militants however that suits face persecution from groups such as the minister. in case
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pointing to place an historic christian village of melinda control switching back and forth between samples says and islamist rebels money to attend to major orthodox and catholic churches and is one of the places where west in aramaic the language of jesus can still sleep in. serious christians who make up ten percent of population of one the oldest such deities in the world with their very existence is now under threat due to a campaign of persecution compartments and students seeking to pressure me an ornament on study after several failed attempts to organize a more nurturing mission to ukraine organization for security and cooperation in europe has finally agreed to deploy in initial t one hundred observers to the country russia had previously blocked the plan osce observers will not decrease access to complex you can use a look of crimea which was recently seized by russia in
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the legal and rare the united states and russia issued conflicting interpretations on whether the nation should be able to go to crimea. the decision says. clearly says that the monitoring mission is going to ukraine and says that they will have access throughout ukraine. i mean it's a great and so they should have access to crimea and it is the responsibility of all its trading states to support but there's an initial deployment of certain patients. out of which monitorsigh end and this decision as to the change appears to be an extension or go higher than five hundred monitors and it would be another decision taken out one of the kremlin's justifications for the seizure and occupation of crimea was the perceived threat to the christian speakers on the peninsula. the white house's war the russian incursion into eastern and southern reaches of the koreans mainland would lead to additional sanctions ukrainian authorities the pro moscow protesters in higher provide the tears
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continue to call and russian speaking inhabitants of several regions in eastern and southern ukraine to hold crimea style referendums it six months after the deadly al shabaab a raid on an upscale shopping mall in nairobi kenya is feeling the pinch of a drop in tourism. in your lies heavily on tourism and many across the country are counting the cost of the westgate mall attack. mikey car hardly is the owner of the giraffe manor of bt could tell that caters to tourists willing to spend big bucks to catch a sight that king is famous wildlife are rightly said bookings at the man eric and twenty percent and up to fifty percent or better like to see all of us. well since we're scared. um we're not to renew cut down on non essentials to offer on any unnecessary costs. during the time scale back and streamline the business because the bookings of
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death when he carries up to twenty percent of the mother mother. i'm in some ways up to fifty percent of the opel become take a hit like this anymore. security and it went up across the country since the tragedy is receiving notice the increasing checks and it feels like a positive development. due to security checks at the airport and then typing into a ten hour commutes and the office but the second ranking and unless the security scanning sleep to feel secure to all done the entire thing. according to some estimates the dancing kenya's economy could be its greatest hundred and fifty million dollars and can reduce the overall gdp growth by five percent the eye the syrian troops captured of things to say to console me the border with lebanon and the gameboy forces loyal to president bashar al assad to
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place a link days in construction that is the miserable minutes and its syrian government forces raised it to start flag of the couples feel so touched the consul a unesco world heritage site known as the crack dish of ellie a dates back to the eleventh century and dominates the surrounding valley and kills the damage fortress it be in rebel control since two thousand pro and its captures pink viewed as a major strategic and symbolic loss podium position the ancient cost was not with us historic monument to the mystery concerning conflict caused the great mosque of electronica and friends who were destroyed by a grenade launcher won with other for the next deliberate choice will also effectively ongoing pricing. forces loyal to sow the seeds of these four towns and villages in the past two weeks near the lebanese civil war says the sign of ending the three year long conflict has resulted in millions of people being displaced and over in two thousand people being killed. i. the this
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world in our group and the kid to play against sexual violence nor mcgill has been featured in a new documentary in which she talks about her and interviews dozens of other victims. the documentary titled played in this world tells the story of the eighteen year old who was raped at knifepoint six weeks before winning the top title of miss world. the day. i mean that a reunion at what happened to me. in his one and one. we need is real the new camera for me. and in the nineteenth reinstated and three eight round. though my head. we need. then you realize what happened to go in yet. i really have to go home. the male in his duties
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as just a bit. he was conditioning for modeling jobs in the mine in nineteen eighty eight when she asked year each nominee or egyptian born israeli who ran a travel agency to arrange a flight for her back to israel. nora told her there were no flights from amman to israel and offered to drive her to rome where she would be able to catch a plane on their way to the airport near pulled over on the side of a deserted road stabbed her strangled her and raped her at knifepoint on daniel managed to escape and refuse to be silent about the raid she pressed charges and to publicly and testified at trial but said her attacker to prison for sixteen years throughout the trial on the gill refuse to have remained concealed or her face or voice distorted media coverage insisting that there was no reason for her to hide the seams. and i headed out of shanghai. in the army here you can take it. if you don't eat that cake tonight
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the nea. can you believe it the only way to handle. it is carried in previous world overdose journey is chronicled from tea tree continue to bully or activist and finally to write any mother who has discovered a comfort and orthodox jewish state. the documentary was shot over four years and shows that thirty four year old advocate listening to the stories of victims it was really one of the heart of an aed identity in. the to be that high. most real to me and i feel he hit a cow. i am all these women have time to most of them told me that there is no reason it was the end. do you love. anyhoo been having state. then i hear my heart. after a brief marriage to former nba player
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serena seconds or seek any chance she's now been married to or in health plan with three children under the age of two including a pair of twins. the organization for security and cooperation in europe has given its first report on the situation in eastern ukraine and found no immediate indication that russia would invade like it did on ukraine's crimean peninsula. the main question of calls this the political one. do we have to expect. a new scenario. in the east of ukraine. and based on all these discussions we had. it seems unlikely for the next future. to have such a scenario. independent observers from the oic had originally tried to enter minute to monitor events taking place under the russian occupation but were prevented him doing so by russian soldiers of
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the border between crimea and mainland ukraine. in finance one in three cities osce observers traveled to opinions remain somewhat divided although most of the population supports a united ukraine. new zealand's god is mentioned. so many years there was little so i pull it out with people from my circles because he didn't share the same opinions in my mini one for my friend sue has a pretty european ideas and i'm constantly misunderstood and wouldn't even know what i would just go to the venue in an eggshell. this i never heard from my friend that anyone want to break into the shop and this was so bad to live here so now we see thousands of people take history channel hours of dancing and shouting it's pretty easy on the green at the top. there have been a number of clashes between pro kyiv an erection agitators this month although this has not deterred activists. the classes are largely thought to be the work of kremlin
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infiltrators. do you really ninety people in all in the rudy see you read me your full saved us and we will save ourselves. we didn't want anyone to touch us on the computer. mutual the osce observers also said that while regional political leaders wanted more power to make local decisions be supported maintaining ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty. a further nine hundred osce observers are expected to be in ukraine for the upcoming presidential elections set for the twenty fifth of may the air. the offence the kids are all targeted several syrian army bases on wednesday when they believed in and attacks against idf soldiers the day before we ask this really is how they felt about these latest incidents along the northern border. the israeli army once the sense to signal that the muffin pan to have a tax on the northern fronts many
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find themselves new ones have a strong market presence in the north since it's our tax and it's very important. was there too. what's that thing no we are wishing for this ruth sides looked up and so yes doing something he doesn't have any other choice sometimes i think we sell a lot of tolerance because there have been other occasions when we've been and somehow opposed to the wall. and i kept quiet and there's a limit as to how much you can be placed and then you have to show your strength love and i'm not more sightings of millions them that out military bases there in military bases and anything connected with the military in syria i think her government sharing. btc on the trigger sometimes sold in generally i like you agree with. with any action that
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its purpose is to defend ourselves. but snow sometimes they tend to be anything too easy on the tree israeli analysts assumed the cherry married to the taxpayer could have been as hezbollah attempt to kidnap an israeli soldier. a sensitive subject for israelis given the history of kidnapped idf soldiers might sounds. in that situation it's the judgments because of we don't want to repeat the situation was give the chinese place the arm israeli soldiers injured or dead or i'm i'm saying. then i would have to defend themselves in some way. i feel really badly for all the civilians. i know that he has been anywhere that are being mistreated. and i don't think we doing that with mistreating them which defending ourselves. don't lean in celebration aspire for peace to come with its neighboring nations. some
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believe more can be done in order to legitimize its actions. i think israel should be more proactive regarding the peace process and dan any action again syria which is an enemy would be more legit would be considered a more moral midgets the other us close series embassy in washington here in israel prime minister benjamin at ten am est his policy very clearly. israel will continuously attack those who attack their states in america maintain peace and quiet for its people. jn one nine c butter bean is around you can. intense religious ceremony involving piercing additional flights to western costs about as smart in our room this week celebrates the arrival of spring and
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the bridge the only one of the mastercard they carry in islam. his smile would go to the faithful gathered in a circle different and chanting and praying which lasts for several hours. the dervish describing my booth england had fallen commitment that competes with your parents into the trance like state after the cpc pieces the conditions. excited by the moniker who built to test her devotion to religion songs as anti immigrant from smashing now will field candidates in the least six hundred towns in mystical elections on sunday in a bid to break the dominance of mainstream pop these in town halls across the country the far right policy is hoping to capitalize on prolific disillusionment with president francois loans say swiss government to make a gain sympathy in the medical bodies and in european parliamentary elections in two months time on tv dinner
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in the hand sees sunday's contest as the first of a string of an ex world says she hopes it will push apology to the forefront of national politics in bronze the band's manifesto calls for a sharp reduction in new immigration and tough treatment for illegal migrants who she says are costly burden on the welfare state and in going skepticism and european union's handling of the financial and economic crisis prone to russia now has seen support grew for its anti eu line. similar patterns have been seen in other european states including with the far right going and going on see increased and the deal the cards in hungary they too are expected to do well in european parliament elections in may. and when the meaning of the news and the boys could yet go bar check is not your typical hip hop artists he is a catholic priest about his rap attitude belies
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his religious robes while performing alongside our checks community duties such as visiting the sick in hospital and getting mass he composes music and records videos in his spare time. his music has broken the religious and community boundaries he says. it was a step down now. the system just people who asked questions. sometimes you don't have the courage to protest and aunts cousin reese things because she then a priest seems like some serious present their freedom in reaching a halt because we have similar interests. they have more current lineup the question and answer came into play. his lyrics contain no more questions about religion than answer is encouraging the young and old alike to turn to faith to find a way forward. the idea of the vote was up on things like people to have faith or simply tossed around cones have made it all and may be no opportunity might remind them that steps can be taken my music is not something for restraint is mobilizing people to take a step that
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has to be. though his undertaking initially surprised members of the catholic faith is now become accepted and even popular as fellow priests answered. here's a witness of our tax impact in teaching the youth. some of the youth helping increase his next music video believe the priests could even see success in the music industry if you prod and the subject matter to include education and employment to. like to come in london. oh i get to amsterdam get to the football club is known for its strong ties with the jewish community here and when the sirens. the club is located in the neighborhood abhishek faithful which is known for its large jewish community. and i've had many jewish residents the countdown to the club was created in nineteen oh four by young people fanatics. at that time the club was not
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related in any way to the jewish community. but the nineteen twenty two the club move to get the ship was when neighborhood pool in muscle shoals take a listen all the new supporters with jewish lessons started to appear when atlanta moved here and villa crespo. it was natural because it's a neighborhood where a lot of jewish immigrants from eastern europe but subtle ignoring and a little body into it we know and by the end of the fifties and beginning of the sixties the club played in the first division and became one of the best teams in argentina winning the nationals with stucco. these all happened under the leadership of one man. she and a girl with only a little in the present the clove wesleyan couples. a jewish immigrants from eastern europe who was a merchant of the neighborhood and a member of the communist party. that's why the lancer with the jewish community even more than the neighborhood. so much that nineteen sixty three atlanta went to israel to play against the national
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team. i'm a coffee time with the club. you don't go my diary that i read today just a few where's the name of the articles books and many of the following account the president's with jewish catchy title a famous radio host and one of the biggest upset of times even did you who supported the team have a story with the bishop this book loved it too but the sun then tomorrow we're going to see opal that you know what i mean all they have sent to the transcendental he opted to stay away from a friend or cousin. last night as the fire. so everytime you say you're in a month and the onset. yes i went and wants to call on whether ninety one. joel and then on friday we knew is gone. today is a strong faith and even if enough rounds is up with la soul to the quarter sorting dipping them into the kitchen can also need to unfortunately those trying times have also had some sad collateral effects opponents and sometimes saying anti semitic chants when you played against atlanta
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fortunately the phenomenon has decreased its duty to impose restrictive measures in the back of this embedded mobile cafe. you always find the older friends playing dominos and discussing the latest results. if we come in to try to talk about local woman and she tried to put in a speech on about politics. it is. when we're not at the stadium were here and sometimes we go unfortunately in the last thirty years and has played mainly in the second inter divisional judge him kindly they are now leading the table and maggie promoting the new shield bowling ball i would love to school with them is to see a line to be provided to us to the second division. the tune of trust. i'll post a status i'm tired of hearing my strongest memories from the sixties and seventies so i might end up on this day with my own on its own assessment of autonomy use the basic gear when doodlebug
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holy this one neighborhood and all the extent that time is jewish and non jewish united. although the club will be promoted at the end of the season. what's in the second edition. the club will be a step closer to its once glorious past. this is to interrupt fudging and one in when the sirens. eye. uhh legal team champion twenty clips demonstrating connie florida ahead of his title defence against alex sleep only in gemini on april twenty six eleven that he may be far away from the ongoing physical upheaval in his native ukraine and spirit he stands with the ukrainian people. you know my mind is over there. my buddies here in another way to say. and i don't know what is best to stay focused. hundred percent for the fights on maple twenty six. um but sitting
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was going on the ukraine four is a lot. there she was lives on the line the international community's condemned russia's annexation of ukraine's crimean peninsula chris gayle has this to say to russian president. but amid continued. footy or the rich. new mobile text short story. which means you cannot repeat the mistakes. police are no was made a lot of mistakes so i hope that's. he was going on. it served. certain way. don't cite from the sunday times and the coughing out. still coughing out sometimes. and of every country. every former social has its own
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desire and will. to look to the direction the water looked to be nice to the west south and off. this the decision. lebanese drama is vitali klitschko and a prominent politician in ukraine who gave up his end career in boxing and who is now one of the favourites to win ukraine's may presidential election. he was at the forefront of the protest movement which ousted former ukrainian president of the tna k which last month. i make and has the relationship between russia and ukraine to the relationship he has with the tully. ukraine in a certain way like the kid brother. brush over people called little brother and big brother in russia and ukraine this is the way i can compare be telling myself. it doesn't mean he's my older brother tells me why you gotta do face in the way that i want you to do that. from then until him. jill. because i have my own character. i have my own life in a moment being in his direction wanna
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go. and nobody gonna force me the undercurrent and science to travel to austria more training and then returned to ukraine to the flight in gemini. i eye. rule. though they will be. to me. who are i would do. will. gurus are
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lining the window. and then
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the toner to. the research is cheating countries are prepared to discuss nuclear safety issues in the hague the third global summit on nuclear security will open next week the us president german chancellor british prime minister president of catholics and france turkey russia and many other countries expected to arrive in the heat to produce beating the summit. it is planned that the full time as a viable called bilateral negotiations with the president in us and the head of the netherlands the upcoming nuclear security summit will be held for the third time in the past four years the right to host this global forum was passed on from the city of sul


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